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The Problem

Our wish is to recycle and reuse plastic bottles, pieces and bags, as the foundation of a beautiful Earthbench for our school and community! ( The Earthbench Project hopes to enlighten students, teachers and community members about our planet's plastic "crisis" and show them that by turning plastic bottles and bags into "bottlebricks" (the foundation of the bench) into something sustainable and purposeful, we all can make a positive change for our planet! We wish for our school and community to "embrace" the Earthbench Project and not only become involved in "bottle bricking" and building the bench, but to share their knowledge about how plastics harm wildlife and our environment and ultimately people! Lastly, we wish for this Earthbench to "unite" our two Intermediate Schools. Superior and Erie Intermediate School buildings are separated by a courtyard. Because this project involves all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students, from both Superior and Erie Intermediate Schools, it will unite the students with a big mission... to create and build the Earthbench, together! The Earthbench will be built in the courtyard, between both schools.

Our Plan

Students have already started to "take action" for the Earthbench project. The Kids for Positive Change presentations about Sharks & Sea Turtles and Parrots & Backyard Birds, taught students about the problems these species are facing, with a focus on plastic bags, bottles, pieces and straws. Students chose creating and building an Earthbench for their Classroom-Community Action Assignment! Last school year (2016/2017), 85, 4th grade students, from the Kids for Positive Change Flagship Project, started making bottle bricks (plastic bottles stuffed with plastic pieces and plastic bags). Now, 5th graders, these students, along with all of the 4th grade classes and remaining 5th grade classes (572 total) have started working on the Earthbench Project by collecting materials and bottle bricking in the classroom, in art classes, at home...even while waiting for the bus! Step by Step Action: 1.) Kids for Positive Change has been working with the school Art Teacher to design the bench. The bench will be made in the shape and likeness of a dragon, the school system's mascot (Lakeside Dragons). 2.) With the design in place, Kids for Positive Change has reached out to organizers, seeking guidance on how best to construct the bench, using bottlebricks, straw, clay, sand and cement. 3.) Teachers, students and community members and the Founder of LEADERship Ashtabula County, have started to collect plastic bags, plastic pieces and bottles for the bottle bricks. 4.) Collection bins for plastics will be established in both Superior and Erie Intermediate Schools by Sept. 30th, if not sooner 5.) Students have started and will continue to make bottle bricks (the foundation of the bench) from Sept. 2017-March 2018. 6.) 4th & 5th grade students will build the bench, using the bottle bricks as a foundation, staring April 2018, with the help from an experienced builder. 7.) 6th grade students will contribute to the Earthbench, by making the teeth and spin of the dragon, out of recycled materials 8.) The Earthbench will be "unveiled" on Earth Day 2018, or in May 2018, on our Kids for Positive Change Celebration Day! 9.) The Earthbench creating, building and unveiling will be documented for the school newsletter, website and local paper, ensuring community involvement and sharing of knowledge!

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