Earth Tub Composting Kick-Off

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    Leadville, Colorado
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The Problem

Our wish is for the Lake County School District to decrease the amount of waste going to the landfill, educate students about recycling and composting and provide compost for school district projects.

Our Plan

From last year's waste audit, we found that 80% of the waste in the school district could be composted. As our county landfill is nearing the end of it's usable life we are looking for ways to decrease waste and promote 3RC education. In October, the school district will begin use of two earth tubs to start a composting program that will provide compost and educational opportunities for all district students. Our team will monitor and turn the compost as well as provide information and lead activities about composting and recycling. In conjunction, we will use these educational opportunities to promote the International Year of Soil.

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The Benefit

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