Earth Day Festival

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    Calabasas, California
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The Problem

I hope to educate others on the importance of taking care of our environment and human impact on the Earth. I believe that it is neccessary to take action now and keep our surroundings clean and healthy. I also hope to bring awareness about new topics to my school, for example Climate Change and its impact on us.

Our Plan

My project is going to include having a bunch of booths at my school around campus for students to stop by and learn about taking care of the Earth in a different way each time. I am hoping to have booths such as Poison Free Malibu, a wildlife organization, Go Go Squeeze (our sponsor), Heal the Bay Club, Roots & Shoots Club, and Campus Beautification Club. I am also going to have Make Up Club at my school to face paint at the event. There will also be live music with a student band performing! This event required a lot of planning and work, but I started way in advance and I am very excited for event day!

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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