Earth Day: Celebrate CommUNITY

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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The Problem

Local parents, teachers, organizations and businesses will come together to plan a family friendly celebration that will inform, educate and energize the community. This project will serve 2000 Tulsa Public School students in pre-k - grade 2 from the following schools: Lee, Eugene Field, Kendall Whittier, Lanier, Remington, Emerson, Sequoyah, Chouteau, Mark Twain and University School. About the Event STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs and activities will be the focus, to help create critical thinkers and increase science literacy by engaging students in exciting yet meaningful activities. Students will learn about the comprehensive issues that affect the health of our communities inclusive of these twelve areas: 1. Advocacy 2. Education 3. Climate Change 4. Conservation & Biology 5. Energy 6. Food & Agriculture 7. Clean Water and Air 8. Green Economy 9. Green Schools 10. Recycling & Waste Reduction 11. Sustainable Development 12. Endangered Animals Younger school aged students will enjoy center stage music, art, simple messages, games and educational booth activities that focus on these themes: Reduce, recycle, reuse ~ Plant a tree ~ Protect our oceans ~ Green cleaning ~ Move your body ~ Do your part to reduce pollution ~ Help endangered animals ~ Conserve water ~ Conserve Electricity ~ Grow a garden

Our Plan

Our project will focus on STEM outdoor learning and Earth Day core goals to: • Broaden the Meaning of Environment • Promote Civic Engagement and Mobilize the Tulsa Community by working with partner organizations to provide opportunities for community to become active in the environmental movement; build relationships • Implement Environment Education Programs and engage students to solve local environmental problems; • Inspire Students to Become Environmental Leaders through awareness at an early age; strengthen the environmental community in schools; • Understand the benefits of clean water, energy conservation, recycling and sustainable healthy food • To have fun and celebrate Earth Day We have pre and post event learning objectives for the students; surveys for the vendors and volunteers and are matching the learning to the grade school curricullum. We have ovr 50 booths and interactive hands on activities to promote learning. Center stage performances are fun, educational and engaging.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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