Earth Day 2015

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    Chantilly, Virginia
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The Problem

Cub Run RECenter is surrounded by wooded areas and nature trail (along the Cub Run stream) for the public and classes (from different schools) to use and enjoy. Cub Run RECenter maintains it by picking up trash (keeping it out of the stream), trimming over-grown bushes, and mulching the trail. Each year, we are trying to involve youth and adults to help preserve our nature, environment and teach them how to make useful everyday items from recycled materials.

Our Plan

Each year, we have anywhere from 80-200 volunteers. All the volunteers work very hard from 9 am – 12 pm, to collect trash, pulled out weeds(do not allow any and all harmful chemicals on our grounds), re-mulched the trees, flower beds and the nature trail. Girl Scout Troop participate on our Earth Day by teaching our volunteers about water conservation and have “Recycle Craft” table where we teach the volunteers/public how to make everyday items (e.g., bows) from recycled materials. Each year, we preserve our nature and environment by weeding, mulching, watershed clean-up, learning about water preservation and learning to use recycled materials. We work with Longwood University in their Clean Virginia Waterway project by providing trash collected data. Additionally, we sponsor watershed cleanup twice a year in conjunction with our neighboring high school students. We are teaching these students how to participate and lead such events.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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