Dr. Goodall’s visit to Phoenix

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    Phoenix, Arizona
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The Problem

My plan is to collect a few family and friends in Phoenix and encourage them to attend a lecture by Dr.Goodall. Dr. Goodall's visit to Phoenix was a great opportunity for my team to take advantage of. So we decided to register and attend the Lecture by Dr. Goodall at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on March 25th 2019.

Our Plan

I am a young reporter for Bear essentials News. My goal for this project was for my team and I to meet and be inspired by Dr. Goodall. The lecture was interesting, inspiring and motivational. I learned about her grit as a young lady and determination and dedication to conversation of wildlife. Her mission to advocate and educate the world about the importance of taking care of our planet,ourselves and the wildlife that share it. I hope that my readers and subscribers will be inspired by Dr. Goodall the way I was.

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