Down to Earth Turnip Totes

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    Stafford Springs, Connecticut
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The Problem

We would like to work together in support of our local Community Supported Agriculture farm - Down to Earth CSA - to raise awareness of the CSA within the community, and support its dual mission of providing access to local, organic food, and educating on the importance of sustainable food systems. The CSA has provided work experience to students with disabilities, and some of these students are in our group.

Our Plan

Our project is to sew and hand-stamp tote-bags (students have created lino cut stamps of bees, vegetables and fruit grow at the CSA). We will use made in America organic canvas and learn how to sew the bags. These tote bags will be sold at the CSA, as well a variety of community events, such as the weekly farmers market, at which the CSA has a booth. We plan to donate funds raised to our local fund for families in transition, and to the Unified Art class at our school - this is an initiative developed by Special Olympics to enable students with and without intellectual disabilities to work creatively in unity. Our group is composed of students with and without intellectual disabilities working in collaboration, so this will be a practical skill - learning to use sewing machines - as well as a great experience of creating something real and providing a community service. We are also supporting American organic farming by using organic, made in USA canvas.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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