Dog Waste Removal Campaign

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The Problem

We have noticed that dog waste is often not cleaned up in our community. The dog waste that is left on the ground contains harmful bacteria that has many negative effects on our community. Dog waste is a major polluter of water, because of the bacteria traveling into lakes, rivers, streams, drains and inlets. These harmful bacteria hurt the animals living in that water, and make the water unsafe for drinking or recreation. This can also effect the aesthetic appeal of our parks and beaches.

Our Plan

We plan to educate our community about why dog waste can be so harmful, and provide them with resources to make the process easier. We think that by reaching out to a local official and convincing them to spend time and resources on this issue, we can make the maximum impact. We have been researching the negative effects of dog waste, the occurrence of uncleaned up dog waste in our community, and how people can do this more effectively.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement

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