Devine Lake Park Compost Bin

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    Leander, Texas
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The Problem

For our project, we hope to create a permanent compost bin that will inspire others to dispose of their food and organic materials in the best possible way, as well as give back to visitors by providing nutrient-rich fertilizer for their personal gardens.

Our Plan

Our compost bin will reduce the amount of organic waste disposed of improperly at this park, reduce the release of methane gas by facilitating proper decomposition, encourage people to become more aware of waste and recycling, and generate quality fertilizer that can be used by other visitors in their own gardens at home. After getting permission from the city, we will use lumber that we already have at home from previous projects and create a small, simple slatted compost bin in an unobtrusive location. The bin will be easily visible, but won't be an eyesore for visitors. Since the park is local, we will be able to visit frequently to add leaves and thicker materials to keep it from being soggy, and also to aerate the pile.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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