Dare to Lead

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    Queens, New York
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The Problem

The PS50Q Cheerleaders have acknowledged a lack of attention to mental health and wellbeing amongst each other and feel there are not many advocates or examples of peer leaders to display this. They would like to establish themselves as more than just models for school spirit and entertainment. They would like to display leadership qualities and skills that their entire school community can emulate. We have decided to launch a "Dare to Lead" initiative in which students reward each other with stickers, pens, pins or other incentives when a genuine act of leadership is performed- outside of class time, of course. When students have obtained a certain number of stickers or a sticker representing each of the 9 leadership qualities, they become a "Dare Leader" and will be able to distribute stickers to other aspiring "Dare leaders" around their community.

Our Plan

We would like a add a social media component in which leaders could log their leadership status, photos, or pledges to be a positive leader in their community. Dare Leaders will come together for a culminating event to celebrate achievements. This may also be an opportunity to discuss local issues and how the school community can support their overall mental health and wellness goals.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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