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The Problem

Dance 4 Development Arusha will introduce Tanzanian students to music and dance styles from around the globe. Through an introduction to world music and dance, this programme will not only teach students about other cultures from around the globe, but use music and movement as a creative outlet that helps to build confidence and self-awareness in young Tanzanians. It is hoped that after introducing world music and dance to these students, it will help the youth to realise the importance of using Traditional music and dance as a means to preserve their culture, identity and to unify the community. Through exposure to music, dance and video examples of other youth from around the globe demonstrating their nations traditional music and dance, we hope to inspire these young Tanzanians to help with the cultural revival of traditional Tanzanian music and dance that in turn creates a sense of community and national pride.

Our Plan

We have selected 5 primary and 5 secondary schools in this zone to work with. Once a week the primary and secondary students will meet together at a designated venue and time. The programme will be run in two parts: Part one: Development 4 Dance – World Dance Over the course of five weeks their lead teacher (Katina Goussetis from World Fusion Dance Co.) will introduce the students to a selection of international music and dance styles from around the globe. Styles will include those from South America, India, Africa, Middle East, Spain, Greece and Polynesia. Each week student will warm up to music from around the world and then we spend time exploring a couple of different dance styles each week. We will explore these styles through movement, pictures, video and dance demonstration. The level at which we explore these styles will be very basic, so that we have time to cover all styles. As the programme progresses there is the opportunity to look at the addition of intensive workshops that focus on a particular style and look at costume, music, dance and videos at length, providing students with a detailed insight into a particular style of dance. Part one of this programme will be self-funded by lead instructor Katina from World Fusion Dance, who will be donating her expertise, time and travel expenses to help with the establishment of the project. Obviously this model is not self-sustaining, so in partnership with Roots and Shoots we will look at funding options for future courses that we run. Part Two: Development 4 Dance – Tanzanian dance This program will be lead by a Tanzanian dance master and teach the students the music and dance of their nation. Again through dance demonstration, video samples and hopefully even guest performers we will be able to introduce the dances from different tribes across Tanzania. We envision that this part of the programme will culminate with a performance by the students for their family, friends and community members, hopefully inspiring more children of the community to join future courses. Part Two of this program is only possible through kind donation and funding from donors, organisation, family and friends as we will need to pay the Tanzanian teacher for her time, expertise and travel expenses. Katina from World Fusion will attempt to raise the necessary funds through her community, but any assistance from Roots & Shoots supporters would be gratefully accepted.

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