• Location
    Lincroft, New Jersey
  • Status
  • Age Level
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

In 1984, 37 percent of computer science majors were women, but by 2014 that number had dropped to 18 percent, according to the study. CypHER will help narrow that gap in STEM fields.

Our Plan

We will teach young girls block-coding with Thunkable and web development with HTML.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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Here is how the project went:

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our event was canceled, but our hard work didn't go completely to waste. We have amassed many sponsors, and most of our sponsors agreed to sponsor the event if it happens next year. Addionally, everything we prepared for our event, budget, lesson plans, etc., can still be used next year.

Through this project I/we learned:

I learned that it is better to reach out to as many companies for sponsorships because many companies will not reply to emails. Out of the 30 companies and organizations I have reached out to, only 8 responded.

What I/we might change:

If we do this project again, I will begin reaching out to sponsors much earlier because one and a half months is not enough time. Some sponsors require six weeks before they will respond to the initial email.

My/our favorite part of this project was:

My favorite part of this project was working on the event's budget. I gave me valuable experience regarding how to make the most of the money we were given. I was able to determine what materials were most necessary and was able to allot enough funds for the materials.

Some tips, tricks or fun facts about the project:

It is important to not give up on any projects. We will face many obstacles in our lives, so we must not give up at the first sight of a problem. Additionally, even if a project cannot be continue or an event is cancelled, the hard work that went into making the project or event happen is not wasted. The experience will help with future endeavors.

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