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    Des Moines, Iowa
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The Problem

Our project goal is to educate and destigmatize reproductive health education for youth. We hope to do this in a fun, engaging, inclusive, and non-biased way using art!

Our Plan

Our group is comprised of high school students, so we have firsthand experience with the lack of reproductive health education our school system offers. Part of the problem is that reproductive education is not engaging, not comprehensive, and controlled by individual school and educator values. Our group intends to alleviate this problem by presenting reproductive health information in an engaging, non-biased, and gender-inclusive way. We want the information to be accessible to all. We plan on using zines, small informational booklets, to distribute the information – accompanied by original art by our members. We plan on primarily distributing these zines in middle and elementary schools in our community. We also plan on making these zines available at other places in our community that youth frequent.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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