Crow Box Project

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    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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The Problem

Our wish is to successfully build our crow box and train the school's wild crows to pick up trash in exchange for treats. With its success, our school will be clean and the crows will be happy. Also this behavioral study has never been done with wild crows before, and we could possible get the opportunity to publish a paper about it.

Our Plan

Our project will be an extent of the existing Crow Box project but with wild crows. We will us a device like a small vending machine to train the crows to pick up trash in exchange for peanuts. At first we will simply set us the box in order to get the crows used to it. Then we will set some peanuts in the tray, and activate the dispensing mechanism once they are completely comfortable with it. After a few more steps, the box will require trash before dispensing a peanut. If this project is successful, we will be able to confirm crow intelligence and clean up our school's campus.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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