Creative Leadership and Social Responsibility Through Gaming

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    Gonzales, Texas
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The Problem

We are an established group of teens led by local business leaders who meet twice monthly to practice leadership qualities that will benefit our communities through gaming. We learn how to effectively communicate as a team working together to accomplish many tasks. We learn that there are consequences for all our actions beyond our small scope, but also learn that when taking risks we can sometimes accomplish an incredible good. We learn to see the world through our actions by working to create a fictional world; we learn that all are interconnected and we learn how our contributions can ripple throughout the world we work together to build. We learn skills in communication that will help with mediation, negotiation, and diplomacy. Most importantly, we learn that no matter how different we are we can all work together to achieve goals. Our group of teens is diverse and we consider it an open safe place for all who are wanting to participate.

Our Plan

Our facilitator, who is a Business Development Director, helps guide us as we create and roleplay in a fictionalized world that is meant to be diverse and full of challenges. We meet twice a month and we work together to find creative solutions to the problems and issues laid out before us. We discuss strategy and have online planning sessions between meetings to figure out the complex effects of our actions and try to figure out which is the best options for our world.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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