Creations for Climate

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    Rockaway Park, New Jersey
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The Problem

The idea for Creations for Climate was sparked after the alarming heat wave that struck our planet during the summer. The culprit? The ever-growing crisis of climate change. It is imperative that we act now, and no act towards protecting our Earth is too small. Our target is plastic bags- those terrible, non-biodegradable plastic bags. They are difficult and costly to recycle, and just end up in landfills. They can take about 300 years to photodegrade, but then transform into tiny toxic particles that cause even more pollution and harm to our environment.

Our Plan

What do we plan to do? Simple: upcycle! We are aiming to upcycle plastic bags into artistic creations! In particular, coasters and bracelets, but there are countless handicrafts to be explored! Eventually, we plan sell them to our student body and community. Through fairs, events, and other means we can put our creations on sale and use our profits as donations! There are countless climate change organizations that would greatly benefit from donations of any size.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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The Benefit

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