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The Problem

To join alliances with like minded individuals, from young to old, to effect the true way of life that is only love, peace and happiness in harmony with Mother Nature and of course our planet. I am researching the current events of today (2017) in western civilization and drawing clear conclusions from history that we are repeating the exact same paradigms of our ancestors. For example: I have 2 yorkie dogs. Emma is 9 years and Marlee is 8 years, both are female. Marlee will not eat her treat but instead will taunt Emma by guarding it in wait for her to try and steal it from her. This can go on for hours. Finally, Emma will make her move, at the most opportune time, with a 95% success rate, she ignores Marlees growls and attempts to protect what is hers. Now, to understand how our current and historical societies behave, the treat in human society is 'currency' (amount in value). Not money, but currency. Money is the transaction modem used by society to trade services...currency is the middlemen (governments & centralized banks). Middlemen control the currency and hugely benefit from it financially. Their main interest is to ensure it is effective at controlling humans. Think about it, what would you be capable of accomplishing in your lifetime, if currency was not a factor? Lack of currency, creates fear of poverty, fear of death...the need to obtain currency to relieve the fears, creates greed, greed creates war, war creates power by taking away power from others with less power, power creates more greed, which creates more war, which creates more power, which creates more is a vicious life cycle we have perpetuated throughout our documented existence.

Our Plan

As Jane Goodall states in her Ted Talk WHAT SEPARATES US FROM CHIMPANZEES? - March 2002 a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi "If you look back through human history, you see that every evil regime has been overcome by good." Jane also states, "We can talk about the distant past, plan for the distant future, discuss ideas with each other, so that the ideas can grow from the accumulated wisdom of a group. We can do it by talking to each other; we can do it through video; we can do it through the written word. And we are abusing this great power we have to be wise stewards, and we're destroying the world. In the developed world, in a way, it's worse, because we have so much access to knowledge of the stupidity of what we're doing." It is my life purpose to share with all liked minded individuals, the solution to our worlds is time for the mass population to wake from its slumber and begin living life as it is meant to be lived...not as slaves to currency. By the way, when is the last time you held a gold coin in your hand? Or a dollar bill for that matter? Today's currency is held electronically, 1's and Zeros on a computer. Before the Government had to 'print' more money, now they can manipulate currency digitally. Gold was the only true currency of our ancestors, however, a Fiat Currency in the early 1900's was developed to assist with the cost of wars (WW1 & WW2), watch the youtube video "The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind - Who Owns the Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money, episode 4 has over 6,000,000,000 views. Together we can create a world that does not control humanity through currency. My purpose is to share how I found a higher level of thinking that we all have access to, but can only be achieved through finding the Truth, not through fear controlled government run societies! Please join me in creating Imagine Nation!

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