Connecting Kids & Nature in the UK

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    United Kingdom
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The Problem

The wish is for thousands of young people do do projects that encourage them to get out in nature

Our Plan

In this project, the team in the United Kingdom will promote nature-based educational resources to the more than 1,600 groups in their country that encourage them to do projects out in nature. Examples of the activities include: backyard gardens and why considering wildlife is important when creating a local green space; the study of phenology and seasonal changes in nature; exploring woodland habitats and studying how they are important to people, animals and the environment and an activity focused on helping animals survive the cold winter months. These activities encourage schools to do projects such as tree plantings, gathering supplies and resources to care for wild/abandoned animals and creating wildlife habitats from gardens to beehives on their school grounds.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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