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The Problem

To educate, inspire and create bridge of awareness between Youth & Professional by providing chances to the youth by get them involve with the successful Professional people who have reached their dreams and specialized in food and health sciences who can help Youth generation here in my Country to understand and realize that in order to reach their Goal & Dreams Human health is engine of all of it and key to the Successfully development and all changes of life.

Our Plan

The project will create a very big opportunities for the youth and promote their development since they`ll get chances to involve themselves in the processes of how to keep & protect self health & maintain it especially from diseases, food variates and through clean environment`s . I`ll organize the seminar's and congress accordingly on how Health resources can be utilized to bring Happiness, Success & positives Changes on reaching their goal & dreams by coordinating with Food, health specialist and the groups of Youth in different period of time in a sorted regions and create traditional s entertainment concert`s with little competition of awards for Secondary school and other groups of Youth will be given this opportunity to compete The provision Certificates of participation & accommodation`s so that more group of Youth & member of community around the regions can be attracted to participate and attend those seminar`s & Congress as opportunities of getting awareness about health resource utilization.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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