Composting at School

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    Rochester, New York
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The Problem

We see how much food waste gets thrown away in our school cafeteria every day and want to change this. Our goal is to educate our peers and faculty on what composting is and why it's better for the environment. We hope to get our school community excited and motivated to begin partnering with a local company that will help us compost food waste from people's lunch in the cafeteria.

Our Plan

We will first focus on education so that our peers understand what it is we want to do and how they can help us achieve our goal, because we need everyone to be on board! We would like to make signs to post around the school explaining what can and cannot be composted, as well as what will happen to the food once it is taken by the composting company we are partnering with. We hope to do some fundraisers that will help make our project financially possible since we will need to pay for the composting service. Then, we will meet with our administrative staff to get final approval and begin organizing a plan to actually set up a system for our partnering company to pick up our school's compost.

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