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    Claymont, Delaware
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The Problem

We are tackling the issue of nonsustainable methods of disposing of organic materials and we will be addressing this by both educating about composting and implementing a composting program schoolwide. We see that a lot of the food that contains rich nutrients and can serve as a great fertilizer is being wasted every single lunch... With 500 students eating food every day, we estimated that we could compile over 20 pounds of compost every 1.5 weeks! We hope to then take the compost and use it on our own campus grounds since we live near a water source, and using healthier, more sustainable options than chemical fertilizers would be very beneficial. We will also focus on educating our community about the benefits of composting and potentially sell any excess compost away to nearby farmers to subsidize the purchase of other composting bins to give to other schools in the nearby area. This will multiply our abilities and really cause a movement.

Our Plan

We will be measuring the amount of compost that is produced every week and track the usage of compost over time. We also hope to survey students on whether they actually use the composting bins that we have implemented. Finally, as a last measure, we will do soil testing through our AP Environmental Science class to see whether the composting regions are more nutrient rich.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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