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The Problem

I want my children to become aware of how much food is being thrown away with the added perspective that many scraps can be reused as compost to minimize landfill volume. This compost can be controlled organically, and shared with gardeners throughout our local community with a sense of synergy. The network of gardeners can collaborate and share plants and knowledge. It is a win-win-win!

Our Plan

We are excited to announce our school composting project where we will be studying soil chemistry, the process of decomposition in nature, how we can minimize waste in landfills, and how we can share the compost with a network of gardeners in our neighborhood. We plan to begin composting this week (first week of April) and begin turning barren, sandy soil in our school's back land into fertile organic soil by monitoring and testing soil composition. We will track the change of soil as acidity and nitrogen levels vary over time. We will use a test area as a control to compare and contrast as our compost area changes. Children will learn quickly how a small change in lifestyle, along with education can be the best fuel for change and making a difference. This is a project that is sustainable from year to year. Sustainability is a key concept of the future because many things we do lacks this vital perspective! Children need to raise awareness about this.

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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