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The Problem

We hope that our endeavors will create awareness about the importance of spaying-neutering, why we should adopt and not shop and how to purchase products from companies that do not test on animals. Through a variety of projects and fundraisers, that will include a musical production based on Zoe Weil's children's novel, "Claude and Medea," the creation of a "Compassionate Kids" website which will feature humane articles, book reviews and more written by our students, items made by children for sale at school and at PTA meetings and the publication of a magazine, "Teachers' Pets" which will feature tales of staff members and their favorite pets, (which the kids will work on with teacher guidance), we hope to raise money for two local rescue organizations and help facilitate a more kind, caring and compassionate school community. We hope that students will be inspired to make a difference, know that their choices impact others and continue their mission to make the world better and brighter--even once they graduate.

Our Plan

Activities will continue throughout the school year. We have begun selling student items. Our musical will take place sometime in February-March, website is in the process of being built and will continue to feature the students' writing and work throughout the school year and our magazine featuring tales of "teachers' pets" will be published sometime this spring. We will update as we proceed. Thank you.

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