Community/ School Mapping ’15

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    Forest Grove, Oregon
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The Problem

Due to some constraints with time and resources, we were unable to take on a Community Map of Forest Grove this year. After the new year, we did work at beginning mapping our large school grounds. This incorporates a one acre forest, a school garden, two large school buildings, a running track, and numerous sports fields (soccer, baseball, etc.). We spent several meetings walking and sketching the details of the area. We hope to turn these into a detailed map to display in the school and reproduce into a smaller brochure to be used by the school. Eventually, this could lead into a more comprehensive community map.

Our Plan

We spent several meeting times walking the school grounds with paper, clipboards, and pencils. We each sketched and labeled what we found. These individual maps will be combined into a comprehensive map of the school by a smaller group of members. We hope we will be able to display this in the school, and that it can be reproduced for use by the school and the community.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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