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The Problem

We support young men as they grow and transition into productive adults. We work together by providing access to resources and help them develop co-created goals and action plans. Unfortunately, single parent households lack in both parents being present normalcy, economic, family bonding, and human resources that all young people need to develop self-esteem, grow, and mature into adulthood. Our mission is to establish a community resource center that provides academic training and development programs designed to promote positive behaviors that help individuals lead active and productive lives within the community.

Our Plan

Founded by Robert T. Cooper Jr. to encourage the disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia County, YOUNG MEN BECOMING MEN INC. is committed to creating opportunities for young people deserving of youth mentorship that assist with the overall success of the youth. Robert T. Cooper Jr. has experience growing up without a father and knows how challenging it is for young men who do not have a father figure or positive role model in their lives. YOUNG MEN BECOMING MEN INC. currently receives most of its funds come from private donors and fundraising events. The demand and need for our programs and services continues to grow at a rate that outpaces our current financial resources. Therefore, YOUNG MEN BECOMING MEN INC. is seeking to diversify its funding base to include support from public, private, and corporate sources. YOUNG MEN BECOMING MEN INC. currently has four programs: Group Discussions, Community Service, Sporting Events, Enrichment Programs. Our programs are designed to help children by giving them opportunities to create memories and experiences that will live with them forever. We support them and are vested in their success in life despite their different backgrounds. There were approximately 56% children in single family household in Philadelphia County in 2015 and we want to make a small dent in making a difference in their lives.

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