Community Recycling Program

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    Canoga Park, California
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The Problem

Our Mission at Bridge to the Future is reviving the Canoga Park community through the (re)unification of local organizations, families, and individuals; working to bridge the gaps between socioeconomic divisions; and building a better future for future generations to come by becoming and creating agents of change in Canoga Park. We wish to revitalize the recycling program at Canoga Park High School as it has been deteriorating ever since our first cohort of Bridge to the Future scholars graduated from this high school.

Our Plan

For this project we plan to educate the students of Canoga Park High School on the importance of recycling by furthering our previously established relationship with the school and current principal. In order to execute this process our program will be sending a handful of representatives to the school which will be delegated duties previously given to the Green-E Club, or Green Environment Club, at Canoga Park High School. Our scholars will be responsible for assisting this club with collecting recyclable materials, sorting said materials, and delivering said materials via provided vehicle transportation to the nearest recycling center to raise funding for the school as well as our program to reinvest back in the community for other projects.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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