Community Garden for Local Food Pantry

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    Cedar Hill, Missouri
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The Problem

This will be a long term project that our team of girls, with their family and friends, will be able to work on and complete one step at a time. Our plan is to assist other local groups in creating a vegetable garden for our local food pantry to provide fresh produce for the community.

Our Plan

Update 4/2/18: Our group presented a proposal to the board regarding planting a group of native Pawpaw trees last fall and our proposal was accepted. YAY! We would have planted the native fruit bearing trees this spring, but learned there are plans to install an exercise track in the same location as our small grove. We want to be able to plant the trees and not have them moved so that is on hold for the time being. Our next project is an compost bin. We have secured wood from motorcycle crates and plan to upcycle it. We're waiting on some additional supplies, but hope to be starting this project in the next week! Original post 2016: Because our local pantry has never had its own garden before everything will need to be created from scratch. Below is a list of things the girls would like to accomplish this year, but depending on how things work out with other groups, their schedules and ours, cost of the projects and immediate needs of the pantry, some of these may have to wait for next year or possibly even the year after. Edited List: - Plant grove of native Pawpaw trees0 - Compost bin - Cold frames - Stepping stones for muddy areas - Ladybug houses - Teepees for beans - Tomato frames or cages

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