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    Atlanta, Georgia
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The Problem

Our wish is that young people and the community will gather for a day of information, straight talk, healing and fun experiences to bring attention to and seek solutions to eliminate HIV, Domestic Violence, Bullying and Suicide that is greatly impacting young people ages 10-25 years old. This group is at risk and has greater statistics of being affected. The information will alert them, the Q&A will enlighten them, the fellowship will enrich them and the solutions will empower them. It is our desire that all participants will leave with a renewed commitment to reaching the community for positive change because when it is all said and done our young people deserve life. Far too may are feeling isolated, helpless and hopeless. They can open up and be transparent among people who feel their pain.

Our Plan

The project is a gathering of agencies, collaborators and partners in various communities throughout the city to address and seek solutions that will combat these escalating issues. Schools and colleges are invited to attend, as well as, young people who are survivors. Young people can tell their stories, shed tears, get hugs and support from clinicians, teachers, faith leaders and survivors. We will reach out through social media, radio, television, word of mouth and other sources to the community for participants and participation. The project will consist of information stations, round table, food and entertainment. Upon leaving the event, we want young people to be armed with resources that may save their lives.

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The Benefit

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