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    Lakewood, Colorado
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The Problem

We will be hosting an Eco Fair on April 22nd, 2017 at which we will be offering paper shredding with Shred Nation, electronics recycling with Goodwill, paint recycling with Green Sheen, and specific Terracycle Brigade recycling. We will be a drop off site for ARC donations. We will be asking for donations for shredding and paint recycling to offset the cost of the shredding service. We hope to grow this event with community wide support to reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste. After repaying the PTO for Shred Nation's service, we plan to donate some of our proceeds from our event back to the school in the form of beautifying our school garden by adding stepping stones, a bird bath, and native plant species. We are also interested in making birdhouses for the school. We are looking to apply for a Wildlife Habitat Certification from the National Wildlife Federation after we meet the criteria to do so.

Our Plan

We have been in contact with Shred Nation, Green Sheen, Goodwill, and ARC. Our date has been confirmed with each of these organizations. We have the support of our sponsors at Hutchinson from both the Environmental Club and Makerspace, as well as our principal and PTO for this event. We hope to work with Makerspace on this project to help them raise funds for their lab as well as supply them with some electronics and paint. We are still working on having a sustainable food truck at the event. The Environmental Club will be making bag dryers out of used glass bottles and chop sticks; they will also be making watering cans out of recycled gallon jugs. These items will be available for purchase at the event.

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