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The Problem

We are a roots and shoots group attending an international school in Istanbul. It has come to our awareness that on the road driving up to our school there is an immense amount of trash polluting the vegetation surrounding it. Our goal is to work with the 7th graders in our school to organise a 2 hour clean up of this road. We would hope that we could fill one large trash bag for every two students as to clear the area of any litter. In addition to wishing to clean our local school community we also wish to educate the younger students in our school about environmental issues and instil values upon them that will lead to more environmentally aware citizens in the future.

Our Plan

In order to achieve our goals we will organise a two hour community clean up of the road driving up to our school. This will include us walking over this road with the students and collecting any trash along the road into plastic trash bags to be recycled afterwards.

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