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The Problem

It's time to finally transition from plastic bags and disposable water bottles to reusable ones! I wish for this to become second nature to us. As a peninsula, Florida needs to start thinking about its surrounding large bodies of water and take action. This project seeks demonstrate how you can set an example for others by carrying reusable bags and water bottle and actually using them. In states where plastic bags are already costly and not as readily available, this will lead us in forward in the right direction. Did you know the world discards ONE TRILLION plastic bags per year? That's nearly two million each minute. It is believed that five and a quarter trillion of plastic debris are in the ocean. I hope we can eliminate the use of disposable plastic and start working together towards the reusable movement.

Our Plan

Purchase enough reusable bags that would eliminate the use of plastic bags altogether for grocery, pharmacy, and storefront shopping. Regularly wash these bags to keep it hygienic for fruits and vegetables. Continue to carry a reusable water bottle and purchase glass beverages.

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