“Come and See”

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    Moraga, California
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The Problem

The current lack of a dedicated platform to spotlight student's accomplishments and experiences on local school and community websites is a missed opportunity to celebrate the unique journeys of students and showcase the impact of making a positive difference in one's community and beyond.

Our Plan

The main objective is to introduce and establish a "Spotlight" page on various school and local websites which would link back to one main URL site ("Come and See") for further resources. "Come and See," is an innovative digital platform crafted by teens for teens, fostering a dynamic community centered around volunteerism. Within our digital hub, local community organizations can post their volunteer opportunities, empowering high school students to discover pathways to service that enrich not only their own lives but also benefit the wider community. Initially conceived with lofty aspirations to revolutionize the world through activism and volunteering, "Come and See" underwent a transformative realization inspired by Tolstoy's wisdom: "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody thinks about changing himself." This insight underscored the importance of personal growth as the foundation for societal change. Recognizing this, the "Come and See's" Core Team reoriented the platform's focus beyond being a mere information board. "Come and See" now serves as an inspirational beacon, showcasing the transformative journeys of young volunteers through heartfelt narratives and compelling video testimonials. Departing from traditional nonprofit storytelling, which often centers on beneficiaries and tangible outcomes, our platform celebrates volunteering as a reciprocal journey of learning and growth. By leveraging social media and technology, in sharing and reflecting on the experiences of teen volunteers, "Come and See" serves to magnify their voices and forge connections with like-minded teens. Each contribution, regardless of size, has the potential to spark a ripple effect of action, fostering a culture of collaboration, understanding, and inclusivity. In the quiet corners of our communities, there exists a tapestry of unsung heroes. They don't seek recognition or applause; their reward lies in the positive impact they create. And yet, in sharing their stories, and pooling resources, skills, and ideas, we amplify our collective impact catalyzing both external and internal transformation.

Themes Addressed

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    Global Citizenship
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    Project Ideas
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    Reasons for Hope

The Benefit

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