Collaboration with B-Street Permaculture Community Garden ’14

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The Problem

Throughout the year, Tom McCall Roots&Shoots has made the B-Street Permaculture Garden (now call the B-Street Living Museum) a major focus. The project has been a two-way street of us learning about how nature works and how to grow food can in harmony with her, as well as us giving our time and labor to make it all happen.

Our Plan

This year we have made 12 visits to B-Street, starting in the Fall with harvest and ending with our last meeting in June there. We have harvested crops, mulched fields, weeded, planted crops, built "willow houses", cooked in a cobb oven & on "rocket stoves", made "stone soup" for homeless women's shelter, built a butterfly / beneficial insect flower garden, made "mason bee" houses, studied pond life & cycles, and learned how to care for rabbits & bunnies. It has been wonderful to have a "place" to learn from and put our efforts toward making a difference. Our visits have been after-school events. As an added benefit, it has introduced Roots&Shoots families to this great community resource.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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