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The Problem

We hope our sweet and simple book reaches infants, toddlers, and young readers whose favorite book at the moment may or may not be a colorful (and dogearred) animal encylopedia! We found it appropriate to release this book as an extension of International Kindness Day, November 13th of 2015, and Steve Irwin Day, November 15th of 2015. In our hearts and minds, they go hand in hand. However, it remains equally important on those days, as it is every day, to be kind to our human and nonhuman cohabitants alike-respecting and vowing to preserve their homes and value their lives in the same way that we value our own. While remembering all the ways that we are the same, it is especially important to remember and teach a significant difference to the next generation and transcending the theme of “kindness”; our “wild” family is consistently kind to us. Today, and everyday, consider this and let them remind you to have a warm and compassionate heart.

Our Plan

100% of the proceeds we receive from this book will go to our charity, Closer Than You Know, in partnership with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation protecting High Priority Endangered Species throughout the world!

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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