Climate Justice for Subalterns (Dalit perspective)

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The Problem

Climate Justice for Subalterns (Dalit perspective) is a project which aims to encourage a wider perspective on environmental injustice. There are many subaltern groups such as LGBT, Dalits and disabled individuals are at greater risk of suffering from climate induced calamities. The subaltern groups are excluded from the mainstream narrative of climate justice. Looking at it from a Caste based perspective, Dalits are still excluded from the mitigation and adaptation plans due to lack of representation in the community/system. There is a need to highlight the caste bred social inequalities which can possibly cripple the capacity of subalterns to overcome from the adversities of climate change as social and financial capital (important assets for a sustainable livelihood) is unequally divided within society.

Our Plan

Following is the broad action plan for Project Climate Justice for Subalterns (Dalit perspective) 1. Capture narratives from Dalits on "How Caste system/practices is disabling them from combating climate change with respect to the social and financial capital"? 2. Create more awareness through social media, posters, flyers about the Climate injustice happening to Dalits. 3. Connecting over Whats App group and other platforms to look forward for more collective action approach. 4. Speaking with Representatives from various social group having intersectionality (Dalits with Disability,Dalit Transperson or Dalit women farmer) to understand their struggle and future plan to combat climate injustice.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Environmental Justice
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    Social Justice

The Benefit

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