Climate Change Resolution SJR9

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    Logan, Utah
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The Problem

The Logan Environmental Action Force (LEAF) met with some of our state representatives to prompt them to introduce a resolution acknowledging climate change and outlining measures the state can take to address it. To everyone's surprise, the resolution was sponsored by Senator Jim Dabakis and will be voted on during this legislative session! Our first objective is to foster greater political accountability from our state representatives in addressing climate change. Additionally, we want channel attention to environmental issues in our state, and help youth feel they have a voice in government.

Our Plan

Actions we are taking: 1. We are currently rallying students to be ready to fill the capitol building when this resolution is voted on. We are contacting schools ranging from elementary to college around the state. We are still waiting to receive a time slot on the floor schedule, and will keep students posted with updates so they can be ready to carpool to the capitol from their location in Utah on the day this happens. 2. We are circulating an online petition in support of our climate resolution. So far, it has nearly 250 signatures. 3. We are identifying the legislative committees that our resolution will have to be passed through, and contacting representatives on those committees to urge them to support our resolution. 4. We plan to contact every possible state news network to cover this initiative once our Resolution is introduced. 5. If our efforts are successful and this resolution is passed, we will continue to work with our state legislators to ensure that they stay devoted to their commitment to address climate change.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Community Enhancement
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