Cleaning Pollution on Campus

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    Cedar Park, Texas
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The Problem

We wish to perform this project/action to help decrease the harm done to the environment by our school because keeping the environment around us clean will help the plants and animals on our school campus. Also, we will use this as an opportunity to inform the students of consequences that can arise when littering, which will aid other environments in the future.

Our Plan

In order to improve the environmental habitat in our school community, we will go around our block and collect all of the trash left by the students at Cedar Park High School. This is only a temporary solution, but in order to stop or reduce the pollution caused by the students, we plan to create posters, not only informing about the long term environmental consequences, but the short term ones, as well. We will post these posters throughout the school to hopefully inform the students about the harm they are doing when they engage in simple acts like leaving trash on the ground.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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