Cleaning Out the Running Course

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    Cedar Park, Texas
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The Problem

When we chose to clean the running trail that both homeowners and our high school cross country team uses, we had more than just the humans in mind. Camille and I located a great majority of the trail was embedded and infested with trash polluting the abundant topsoil in the region. Lots of different plants including cedar trees and several smaller shrubs as well as animals such as lizards and rabbits call this running trail their home. Our wish was to beautify the region and make it a nicer place to run as well as to allow the ecosystems in place to continue running with a clean environment newly in place.

Our Plan

We took our weekend and decided to go on a small hike and clean up the region of the track trail. We took our trash bags, work gloves, and plenty of water and began our afternoon long venture out to the trail. Within the first hundred meters or so, groupings of trash were visible, and we set out to work. It is our goal to make the homeowners and cross country team more aware of how their use of the trail impacts the ecosystems in place.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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