Endangered Species Art Projects

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The Problem

Educate others through our art on endangered species.

Our Plan

We will create artwork of endangered species as another way to communicate with others about species at risk of extinction. The art can be shared in this group and with others to build awareness of endangered animals, plants, and insects and share the amazing life on our planet. 1. Learn about endangered species and why they are endangered. 2. Create art to reflect how we feel and see that species. 3. Share the art with others to help them understand that the species is endangered and needs our help and protection. Publish art options: A. https://rangerrick.org/magazines/ranger-rick-jr/rickys-mail/ B. http://magicalchildhood.com/homeschool/2016/07/07/18-magazines-that-publish-art-and-writing-by-kids-and-teens/

Themes Addressed

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    Endangered Species
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The Benefit

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