CHIRON Festival of the Arts and Environment 2018

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    Brooklyn, New York
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The Problem

We hope to inspire Environmental awareness and protection. Our event ends with Doctor Christopher Kaufman's powerful environmental work, Hudson Valley Music. This work combines 'music concrete' comprised of hundreds of natural and orchestral sounds, live world-class musicians, readings from the writings of John Muir and others, and a video comprised of both natural and images from environmental artist Ken Cro-Ken. The work takes the audience on a journey from the Long Island Sound (the movement titled Ocean), up the Hudson River (Nocturne), into mythological space (Industrial Storm) and to a place of great beauty (...and the Earth is our Spiritual House...). In the movement, Industrial Storm, the music is created from the sounds of pile drivers and violent metallic percussion. Tthe idea is to give a feeling of immediacy to the issue of climate change and create a flight or fight reaction, before moving to the sublime ending which features, in addition to powerful music created with human and animal sounds performing in true harmony, readings from John Muir and Chief Seneca.

Our Plan

Sunday, December 2nd 11AM - at The Mark O'Donnell Theater

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The Benefit

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