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The Problem

My Cup NZ will provide a fully sustainable, eco-conscious, economic and safe menstrual solution for all women in NZ. We are hoping to change many people lives by the distribution of free menstrual cups into areas of need in New Zealand. Period Poverty is a very real crisis for some and by providing a solution that is safe and eco-friendly we can not only gets girls back to school, we can also have a huge impact on the environment. Average figures conclude: 1 cup = 10 year life 1 year = approx 240 tampons 1 year = pads/panty liners + pain killers Cost per month = NZ$20.00 Cost per year = $240.00 Periods in lifetime = 456 Cost over lifetime = NZ$9120.00 These figures are based on an average 5 day period, 4 tampons per day (or 4 pads per day) and 1 liner per day. Pads take an average of 500 - 800 years to break down and tampons around 500 years. These figures are mind boggling. So far at My Cup NZ we have sold around 2000 cups (not including hundreds we are donating) which equates to 4,800,000 tampons/and or pads NOT going into the landfills in New Zealand over the next 10 years. Astounding! And these figures will only increase as menstrual cups become the new normal.

Our Plan

Our project is achieved by a "Buy One Give One" model. This is where every time someone buys one of our menstrual cups (new name coming soon!) we will give one to a person in need. Organisations can then apply to us via our website for free cups to hand out to those who they think would benefit from owning one. This project officially launches on the 3rd of July 2017.

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