Changing Habitats, Changing Populations

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    Parker, Colorado
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The Problem

We noticed in our study of habitats that the honey bee and monarch butterfly populations are declining. We also noticed that we are on the migratory path of the monarch butterfly from Mexico to the Northern United states. We want to provide milkweed and other plants along their path so the female can lay her eggs in Spring, and have milkweed to feed off of when they fly to Mexico in the end of Summer. We wish to create a habitat for monarch butterflies as part of our school garden, planting milkweed and other plants for butterflies to gather nectar.

Our Plan

We will meet with experts to determine what monarch butterflies need, how to grow the plants inside our classrooms to transplant to the garden, and how to design the landscape for our garden. We will present our ideas to our school PTO and the community when we have chosen the best landscape design.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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