Cell Phone Recycling

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    Valley, Alabama
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The Problem

The main purpose of this project is to keep broken/discarded/abandoned cell phones from entering landfills. I want people to understand the importance of recycling their phones as opposed to just throwing them in the landfill where chemicals may leach into the soil and then our water supply.

Our Plan

My initial goal was to have 27 phones by kick off day on Jan 27. I used my facebook account as well as my mother's facebook account to stimulate participation in our community. We have had several schools say they will ask their students to bring in phones, local businesses have gotten involved and are spreading the word throughout their employees. We are excited to say that right now we have 65 phones and hope to have many more very soon! See how many phones are being collected by Roots and Shoots members around the United States by following this link: https://rootsandshoots.org/5000devices

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