Caught Conserving Resources

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    North Hollywood, California
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The Problem

The goal of this project is to increase community awareness of problems arising from the use of natural resources including water and resources used to generate electricity. In addition to helping members of our school community learn more about these issues, we hope to teach strategies to help individuals in our school community take personal actions to address these issues.

Our Plan

Students will be organizing and running a Resource Conservation program. They will research ways in which water and energy are used in our community. They will trace the route of the water & resources used to generate electricity both beyond and within our community. Students will also explore the amount of resources used to create a variety of everyday projects including food, clothing, and games. Following the research portion of the project, students will organize a public service component for their project. This aspect of their program will include the creation of an educational power point, bookmarks, buttons, and stickers for presentation and distribution in our school community. Students will present their power point at campus assembly. Following their presentation, our fifth grade students will circulate around campus during the school year in search of students (or adults!) "Caught Conserving Resources (CCR)". Actions such as turning off lights and faucets, recycling, and helping others learn about resource conservation will be rewarded by these student leaders. They will award CCR stickers, bookmarks, and buttons to these individuals.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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