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The Problem

Our campaign will revolve around recycling and composting. We will be encouraging our school to make right decisions in the cafeteria through posters and stickers.We have already begun this campaign however our hope is to by the end of this school year to have successfully reduced the amount of waste our school cafeteria produces and is later sent to landfills. This campaign will hopefully continue on for years to come and will become second nature to the school community. We will have special days where we encourage the use of reusable water bottles and "lights out" days where teachers and students are encouraged not to turn on the lights within the school. Also, on earth day we will have a school wide all green dress down to spread awareness about our campaign.

Our Plan

the problem we will be tackling will be the lack of correct disposal of foods, plastics, and styrofoam products in our lunch room. Within the next few weeks we will be establishing different bins in our lunch room meant for certain types of waste. We will be working with a company that will provide us with the bins and will dispose of the waste for us. We have high hopes however there is a likely chance that the students will neglect to take the time to dispose of their lunch waste properly. To prevent this from happening we are hoping to design both posters and stickers of high quality that are educational for students and teachers to put throughout the lunch room and school. To make sure we are achieving something and making an impact, we will be weighing the amount of compost and recycled products we produce weekly in order to see if we can successfully reduce the amount of products we throw away. By the end of the school year we will hopefully have seen a decrease in the amount of school lunch waste we produce.

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