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The Problem

Turtles have been around for a long time but we humans are hurting them. I would like to educate as many children and adults as possible to become an advocate toward saving the injured turtles. We find hurt turtles in our Mediterranean waters and on land at our beaches here in Greece often. Every person that reaches out to help save this beautiful soft creature of the waters is an important part of "Life". The Glyfada Rescue Center is a hospital that treats injured turtles in Athens, Greece. It runs with volunteers that are dedicated and very friendly. The centre looks after rescued sea turtles which have been injured by boats or fishing materials. Many are released back to the sea after their therapy is complete. They help turtles with medicine, x-rays and even operations to heal them and return them to their natural habitat, the water. Caretta Caretta sea turtles are considered a vulnerable species, which means they will become endangered unless the circumstances that are threatening its survival and reproduction improve. We are raising money to support the Rescue Center continue their dedication toward saving and educating the world of the Caretta Caretta Turtle.

Our Plan

We are raising money to support the Glyfada Rescue Center in Athens, Greece. It supports the Caretta Caretta turtles only through donations. Grades from 2nd - 5th are holding bake sales and are selling stickers they each draw of turtles to support the Rescue Center's cause, “Healing through Love”!

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