Care Closet- Feminine Hygiene Supplies

  • Location
    Lafayette, Indiana
  • Status
  • Age Level
    14 to 18 Years

The Problem

Last year we received a grant from Roots & Shoots to begin a Care Closet at our school. Our school serves 700 students. 49% of our student population are economically disadvantaged and they receive the free and reduced lunch program. Additionally, 47% of our student population report being a part of a minority group. This closet provides clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, and school supplies to those students who are in need. This year we chose to add feminine hygiene products to the closet, and to all of our bathrooms. We also purchased enough brand new underwear, in a variety of sizes, to offer those students who needed items such as this during their time of the month.

Our Plan

This year our goal was to supply our students with feminine hygiene products in all bathrooms and in the Care Closet. We also purchased small bags the students could use to carry supplies with them during their school day. In addition to these products we purchased underwear and black leggings in a variety of sizes to offer to those who may have had accidents or other issues related to their periods.

Themes Addressed

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    Economic Issues
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    Poverty & Equity

The Benefit

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