Cardboard Shreddahz!

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    Waianae, Hawaii
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    Any Age

The Problem

For the past 5 months, the Cardboard Shreddahz has been hosting community cardboard shred days and recycling it through the use of compost. It supports community economic development, lowering our carbon footprint and improves food systems. The prototype is a mobile cardboard shredding system which takes cardboard or paper and processes it into mulching materials, a compost ingredient and packaging material for trade businesses. Fresh produce is traded for cardboard from families. We hope to continue our efforts next school term and do our part for Hawaiʻiʻs Climate Crisis Emergency.

Our Plan

The purpose is to demonstrate and record community interest, verify the feasibility and costs with a low cost experiment, and highlight the potential systemic benefits of localizing a portion of our organic recycling and disposal. Students gain 21st century skills with the organization of the project and also earn community service hours.

Themes Addressed

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    Zero Waste

The Benefit

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