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The Problem

Students will be able to identify the main cause for carbon emissions in their community by making observations with the Roots & Shoots mapping model and by researching data on emissions for evidence.

Our Plan

Students will work in groups to identify the main cause of carbon emissions in their community and will create community action plans. Each group of students must specify how they will measure the success of their action plan in order to show that they're objective was achieved. 120 students between the ages of 14-16 will implement their community action plans. Proposed projects include: Clean-up Day, which is an event around collecting litter in the community Build and distribute solar-powered cars to children Create tree-beds with mulch and bulbs Plant vegetables at home and wear t-shits with the image of the vegetables as a conversation piece Post signs and wear shirts that promote riding bicycles Implement an energy conservation campaign at school Write letters to politicians to increase the amount of green space

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution

The Benefit

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