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The Problem

Music non-profits face numerous challenges when it comes to fundraising. They compete for limited funding resources with a plethora of other non-profits tackling issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment. Unlike causes related to basic needs or humanitarian concerns, music may not always be seen as a priority by potential donors, making it harder to garner support for music-related initiatives. Another hurdle is the lack of awareness regarding the impact and importance of music non-profits within communities or society at large. Without understanding the valuable work these organizations do, potential donors may not prioritize supporting them. Furthermore, operating with limited staff and resources makes it challenging for music non-profits to dedicate sufficient time and effort to fundraising activities. Without the necessary resources to develop and execute effective fundraising campaigns, attracting donors becomes an uphill battle. Addressing these challenges requires deploying creative fundraising strategies.

Our Plan

Music has the power to connect and inspire, and for children in poverty, it can change lives. My plan is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that sends songs electronically as e-cards and teach the founders of Insitute Anelo how to operate and continue it as a prime source of revenue for their initiatives. Anelo students would compose and record the songs themselves, and their e-cards would feature the smiling faces.

Themes Addressed

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    Poverty & Equity

The Benefit

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